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Our Services
We provide all kinds of forging services particularly in the fields given below:    
  • Forging Process        
  • Coining         
  • Normalizing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (magnaflux)
  • CNC Machining.

Quality Assurance

We are ISO 9001:2001 accredited company, which is a testimony in itself to our quality production practices. While looking into the quality side of the products, we keenly introspect chemical and physical properties first, before applying hands on some other aspect of quality.

Progressive Gear Industries (P) Ltd. remains quality conscious at each stage of production and this is the reason why, our products fully meet with the international quality standards. With our state-of-the-art in-house quality checking center, we are able to conduct all types of physical and chemical tests very comfortably.

Our highly skilled quality personnel stay on their toes to maintain universal quality norms in our products. The company conducts the following tests for the sake of ascertaining the viability of goods on international quality parameters. Some of these tests include:

  • Tensile Test
  • Breakage Load Test
  • Crack Detection Test
  • Grain Structure Test
  • BHN Hardness Test
  • Die Inspection, etc.

As we use superior quality steels, such as EN - 8 Series, 8620, EN -353, 4140, 20MnCr5, 16MnCr5, Stainless Steel, EN - 24, EN - 31, HCHCR and Die Steels, as raw materials, only premium quality products are offered to the customers from our end.


1) Magnetic Particle Testing (Magnaflux) of our Products,

We do 100/ magnetic particle testing of all products forged in our company,

It is a Non-destructive test method of inspecting areas on or near the surface of ferromagnetic materials. The material is magnetized by passing current then iron powder is applied. The powder adheres to lines of flux leakage revealing surface and near surface discontinuities or cracks. Magnetic particle testing is used for both raw material acceptance testing and product inspection after forging. All the parts which are detected with Cracks are rejected and scrapped. The operators are provided with regular training so as keep them abreast with the latest techniques.

2) Coining

The process of applying necessary pressure to all or some portion of surface of a forging is to obtain closer tolerances or smoother surface or to eliminate drafts is called coining. Coining can be done while forgings are hot or cold and it is usually performed on surface parallel to the parting line of the forging. We produce wide variety of Critical shape parts and due to different Shapes & sizes Coining is required so we have installed two Hydraulic coining presses of Capacity 100 ton and 200 ton. This assures that proper relations are maintained between different dimensions as per drawing.

3) Normalizing

Normalizing is a heat treatment for ferrous alloys which are heated to App 100 F above the critical range holding that temperature for the required time (Soaking time) & Cooling to room temperature in air. We have state-of-the-art continuous fully automatic ISO thermal normalizing cum hardening & tempering furnace. All the parts after forging are normalized in this furnace. Proper Micro & Macro structure is maintained and cut section is checked in our own fully equipped Laboratory and for parts requiring hardening & tempering 100% inspection is done at BHN tester. All the inspection machines and testing equipments are regularly Calliberated.

Manufacturing Facility

We have maintained a full fledged forging unit and machining unit covering 64,000 sq. ft. and 11,000 sq. ft. area respectively, for better forging and machining activities. At both the units, we have installed the most sophisticated and advanced machinery purchased from the domestic and international markets.

We can forge approximately 5000 tonnes of steel forgings annually, which is an example of our robust forging facilities. Progressive Gear Industries (P) Ltd. also has well developed heat treatment facilities such as Isothermal normalized cum hardening tampering furnace, shot blasting etc. Various departments like Production, R&D, Quality, Design, Packing, Forging, Machining and others are well maintained and are properly supervised by designated professionals. We have advanced CAD /CAM software for efficient design  and development.

Our Forging Unit is facilitated with machines such as Belt Drop Hammer (2 Ton), Belt Drop Hammer (1 Ton), Power Press 250 Ton, Power Press 150 Ton, Power Press 100 Ton, Forging Press 00, Billet Shear 5'' Capacity, Hex Saws, Electronic (FM-15) EDM, Planner 8 Feet, Shaper 32'' X 32'', Shaper 30'' X 30', Lathe 10.5 Feet Heavy duty, Lathe 12.0 Feet Heavy duty, Lathe 6.5 Feet Heavy duty, Radial Drill (2'' Capacity), Milling 4 No, Milling 4 No WMW, Magna Flux Crack Detector, Surface Plate, Laboratory and Fully Automatic ISO-Thermal Normalizing.

The Manufacturing Machines at our concern include CNC Machines, Auto Lathes (SPM), Centreless Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders, Internal Grinders, High Speed Drills (50 MM), Induction Hardening Equipments, Thread Grinders, Thread Rolling Machines along with all the major testing equipments.

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